Sundström SR200 Full Mask

This silicone full mask with scratch-resistant visor is the optimal protection of the airways and eyes. We would like to encourage them to all those who work more often with pigments in powder form!


We particularly like the Sundström brand because its products are cost-effective in their receipt and of high quality. You shouldn’t save on your security. Even if products such as ecopoxy are classified as particularly low in odour and emissions, the risk of developing an allergy also against small amounts remains. With this mask you can prevent such a case! In addition, your eyes are protected when dealing with colour pigments, some of which are derived from toxic substances (e.g. cadmium yellow).




  • Full mask, textile headband, strap, adapter SR 280-3, pre-filter SR 221, pre-filter holder, cleaning cloth and ID label.
  • The SR 200 full mask is made of silicone and fits in size to most face shapes. The mask is equipped with three inhalation valves and two exhalation valves, so that an extremely low respiratory resistance is guaranteed. Material and pigments are approved according to FDA and BGA.
  • The valve flaps of the exhalation valves with shielding protect the valve and the membrane against dust and paint particles.
  • The design and placement of the exhalation valves improve the possibilities for communication.
  • Material and dye of the mask body, FDA or BGA, are approved for the food sector, which minimizes the risk of contact allergy.
  • The easy-to-adjust retaining straps are attached to the visor frame and exhalation valves, which, in combination with a large head net, ensures a comfortable and safe fit.
  • The spherically shaped visir made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate offers a large field of view.
  • The mask is used either as a filter protection in combination with a filter from Sundström’s filter range or as a breathing apparatus with continuous air supply together with compressed air additive SR 307. SR 200 supplemented with hose SR 550 (PU) or SR 551 (rubber) can also be used as a headboard with Sundström’s sores SR 500 or SR 700. Holders for pre-filters are included in the delivery.
  • The SR 200 full mask is approved for use in explosive environments together with the SR 500 EX blower. Storage best in box SR 344 alternatively storage bag SR 339-1 or SR 339-2.
  • Approved according to EN 136:1998 and EN 166



  • Full mask
  • Filter adapter
  • Pre-filter holder
  • Cloth
  • Badge
  • Manual