Partall separating paste #2


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Silicone-free separation wax for cutting moulds

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PARTAL PASTE #2 is a very productive cutting wax. It works perfectly in use with our Ecopoxy products.

Specially recommended for use in moulds where silicone-containing release agents would make subsequent post-processing more difficult. It is also suitable to seal raw wood surfaces in simple moulds used for casting resins, cement and mortar.

  • For epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins
  • Silicone-free
  • Can be used up to approx. 60 °C



Technical Data


Preparing the forms
Porous mold surfaces (such as those made of plaster or wood) should first be cleaned and sealed before applying PARTALL separation paste #2. For this purpose, we recommend using 2-component coating systems with good solvent resistance.
For less surface-critical components, however, several jobs are usually sufficient to prepare the moulds accordingly.

Apply a small amount of separating paste to the molding surface with the help of a clean cotton cloth. 0.5 -1.0 g/m 2 are sufficient for this. Then start polishing (within one minute of the job).
For larger shapes or original models, we recommend working in sub-areas. Alternatively, a polishing machine with a lambskin attachment can be used to save time. The surface should be polished up to a high-gloss finish.

A uniform application covering the entire surface is much more important than a thick wax film. To ensure this, repeat the application and polishing at least 3 times for new (or reclaimed) shapes and original models.
Different application directions are very important (e.g. in 0°, 90° and circular). Before any further application, the surface must be polished brilliantly.

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