Semperguard Disposable Gloves, Nitrile Xpert


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Semperguard are our standard disposable gloves to protect your hands against all irritating substances.



Resin manufacturers such as Ecopoxy are legitimately advertising the emission poverty of their products, and in the cured state, epoxy resins are usually even food-safe, but contact with the skin, eyes or respiratory tract can cause irritation and allergies. That’s why we would like to ask you to wear gloves when working with all resins!

Furthermore, the approvals of the glove for the respective application area must be observed. Not every glove has the same protection factor. Semperguard is very suitable for all activities with resin, is our cheaper version, but less comfortable compared to the dermatril gloves.




Proven quality product made of nitril – excellent resistance to skin irritants

  • Tested and certified according to VO 1935/2004 – suitable for contact with food
  • Higher durability due to special formulation and higher wall thickness
  • Problem solving in one-off use
  • Phthalates free / plasticizers and allergenic latex proteins
  • Easily tined by special post-treatment and
  • Signal color blue – suitable for areas subject to HACCP standards
  • Rolling edge, inside smooth and powder-free, textured outside, wall thickness 0.26 mm
  • Conformity to en 420, EN 374, EN 455
  • CE Category III Chemical protection glove for complex risks


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1 review for Semperguard Disposable Gloves, Nitrile Xpert
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