Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylic Paint

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Soft Body is a supple, very high-quality acrylic paint in 100 shades

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Liquitex Soft Body are very intense, highly pigmented and durable colors, with a creamy consistency. It results in a soft and flat surface after drying and does not hold any brush marks. It allows easy dilution with water and paints. We think they are the ideal choice for colouring resin as well as structural pastes. They form a good basis for resin artists, as the range of applications is very wide.

Liquitex also convinces us with these colours with its selected colour palette. Most of the color nuances chosen for this are also found in their markers and inks, which allows you to create the same colors with different paints.




  • Highly pigmented
  • Cadmium-free paints, therefore non-toxic
  • lightfast
  • 100 shades


Technical Data

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