Liquitex Professional Ink, Muted Tones in Set

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Steamed violet, grey, green, pink, turquoise and titanium white in set

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Liquitex ink! is a very liquid, luminous and highly pigmented acrylic paint. Since no dyes are added, the color is lightfast and therefore permanent in its color intensity.
The acrylic cartridges are quick-drying, waterproof and can be mixed with all Liquitex acrylic paints.
The dosage with the lid pipette is practical.

We have the ink! tested with ecopoxy Liquid Plastic and UV Poxy with very good results. They behave completely colour-stable and, above all, can be dosed very precisely.
We particularly like the carefully selected colour palette, which also allows you to mix exactly and makes any desired colour result possible.

The opacity of the hue plays an important role in painting or drawing with the acrylic cartridges and also when mixing. The classic subdivision is “covering”, “semi-covering” and “transparent”. (On the colour chart: opaque = black box, semi-covering = semi-black box and transparent = white box) Ceiling colors color accordingly more intensively compared to the transparent ones.




  • lightfast
  • Precisely dosed
  • Easily mixable with resin thanks to its acrylic base
  • Selected color palette
  • Dosage by integrated pimpette


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