KCL Dermatril Disposable Gloves, 740


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These slightly thinner, more supple disposable gloves guarantee you optimal protection and at the same time the preservation of your button reception through the glove



Resin manufacturers such as Ecopoxy are legitimately advertising the emission poverty of their products, and in the cured state, epoxy resins are usually even food-safe, but contact with the skin, eyes or respiratory tract can cause irritation and allergies. That’s why we would like to ask you to wear gloves when working with all resins!

Furthermore, the approvals of the glove for the respective application area must be observed. Not every glove has the same protection factor. Dermatril is a very cuddly, comfortable glove that is actually worth its price. A cheaper option is Semperguard.




  • Proven quality product from nitrile – high protection against chemical (skin irritant) and bacteriological contamination
  • Tested and certified according to VO 1935/2004 – suitable for contact with food
  • Very high button-fitting, excellent wearing comfort and a comfortable fit
  • Increased tear resistance
  • Problem solving in one-off use
  • Phthalates free / plasticisers and allergenic latex proteins
  • Improved grip due to fingertip roughening
  • Rolling edge, inside smooth and powder-free, wall thickness 0.11 mm
  • Conformity to en 374, EN 455
  • EC certification number: IFA 981069
  • CE Category III Chemical protection glove for complex risks


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0.7 kg
26 × 14 × 7 cm